Magnetic S-4 Panel



The S-4 panel is a single portable solution to carry a number of MOLLE capable pouches and accessories.

Dimensions –

Width: 10″

Height: 12 1/4″

Molle Rows: 10 Verticle; 6 loops in each row

Carry Handle: 6″

The S-4 panel can be staged and at the ready inside and armory, armored vehicle, police cruiser, or in any other areas that may need a rapid response.
Four strong magnets will hold the S-4 panel to any magnet surface and can be carried to and from a desired location with a carry handle located at the top of the panel.
** As many consumers of this product wear personal protective gear that is fabricated from steel, it is a common question as to whether or not any of the TAC-TOTE products can be adhered to body armor or like equipment. TAC-TOTE does not recommend nor condone this method of application. All TAC-TOTE products that utilize magnets are intended for their adherence to a steel structure(s) such as those found in Armored Vehicles, Law Enforcement or other similar emergency vehicles, steel infrastructure within industrial areas, or defensive positions commonly used in the defense of the Nations Critical Infrastructure.
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Check out how the Magnetic ESS4 can be configured below: