Adhere your gear to any surface that is Magnetic! 
  • Constructed with reinforced plastic walls.
  • Patented design uses control seals and interlocking layers for security.
  • Inventory is easily maintained with control seals and tamper proof construction.
  • Stores up to 15 Magazines: (Magazines not included)
    • 3 Tac-Totes + 1 Magazine. (10 Magazines )
    • Thirteen (13) Magpul Style loose magazines. (15 if staggered due to flared base plates)
    • Fifteen (15) Traditional Aluminum magazines.
    • Thirty Six (36) 40mm Less Lethal munitions.
  • Stores up to 40 Cobra Cuffs. 8 externally and 32 internally.
  • Designed for use in industries that have the need to pre-stage ammunition at armed locations.
  • Custom magnets provide superior strength and holding force.
  • Rear panel stays up and out of the way using two built in magnets.
  • Can be mounted on a Steel/Ballistic wall keeping Magazines off a shelf or the floor.
  • Can be mounted on an Armory wall for storage.
  • Can be mounted on an Armored Vehicle wall for easy access to magazines.
  • Design allows for hand carry or shoulder carry via the shoulder strap.
  • Easily transported to or from armored vehicles being placed in or out of service.
  • Easily transported to or from BRE’s being placed into or out of service.


  • Conveniently store inventoried gear or ammunition inside armories.
  • Allows rapid deployment of bulk ammunition to tactical response vehicles.
  • Organized storage of ammunition and equipment inside a patrol vehicle.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 9.5 cm