The Murder of an elderly couple.

When I slid the green bar across the face of my phone I expected it to be just another telemarketing pest on the other side of the digital tether. Instead I was greeted with a quick rank, name, and police department asking how I was doing. I obliged, answered his question with relief that I […]

Can I stick Tac-Tote products to my body?

A common question that I encounter is whether or not TAC-TOTE products will adhere themselves to body armor. The short answer is, maybe. This would all depend on a variety of things namely whether or not you are wearing steel body armor and if so, how thick and what is covering it. That being said, […]

K-9 Officer creates ingenious process.

There are thousands of tactical products available to our men and women of Law Enforcement today. Pouches, packs, racks, and holders of all kinds. It’s very rare to see a new product come to market that is truly unique while at the same time providing a tangible solution to a problem many of you have. […]

LENCO Approved !

It’s been a long time since that first visit up to LENCO which really validated the products in my mind. If a company like LENCO could see it, surely other people will too. Every day Tac-Tote becomes more and more established as a product line that really does perform a much needed function for Bearcat […]

“You have foreign objects in your hand.”

At some point my right hand started to get tender to the touch and downright painful during a hand shake. As time passed and the pain level increased, a noticeable protrusion from the side of my hand appeared and seemed to be getting larger. I began to worry. I could not think of a time […]

The First Years Travels with the Tac-Tote Truck.

As an inventor of products, a moniker in which I claim in writing with great anxiety and hesitation, I have learned that it is astronomically difficult to create something from nothing. Creating a product is simple however creating a product that would be accepted as a viable and desirable one by its intended target market […]

LENCO or bust!

It was a simple decision to make. I needed to get my foot in the door of the company that makes the Bearcat armored vehicle. We at the time used the Lenco Bearcat in our defensive strategy to protect the power plant which I worked at. It was simple because not only did we use […]

Manufacturer Found

After searching around for quite some time attempting to locate a manufacturer that would be able to work with me, I happened across a website that looked fairly promising for the little guy. There are far too many websites out there boasting about being available for the little guy who has a very limited budget. […]

There’s that word again………No.

I was hip deep into the process of trying to figure out everything that needed to be accomplished before I would announce to the world the existence of the Tac-Tote product line. It dawned on me that what I needed to do was to get some sort of validation of my product idea. The best […]

Who would manufacture my products?

While I was in California meeting with my soon to be magnet supplier, I was also able to meet with a small time one person manufacturer that I was made aware of from a friend who had some work done by him. I was looking to get some prototypes made of the Tac-Tote product with […]